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The Hundreds Fall 2014 D3 :: PERFECT CAMO PACK

The Hundreds Fall 2014 D3 :: PERFECT CAMO PACK

The Hundreds’ hip-hop-inspired Fall 2014 collection packs a punch. Today, we’re featuring the Perfect Camo Pack from Delivery Three. Check out our D3 Highlights with Apparel and Headwear, all of which are available tomorrow. D1 and D2 are available now.

The Hundreds’ Fall 2014 collection draws from the stark disparities in music genre fashion in the late ’80s, early-to-mid ’90s. Fall’s first delivery put that generation of West Coast Hip Hop on blast, with Delivery Two and Three paying homage to early ’90s East Coast Hip Hop, a silo that operated aggressively like none other. A time when “the borders between music fan communities were starkly drawn according to style of dress,” says Bobby Hundreds, “Nowadays, ask a kid what music he listens to and he’ll probably say, ‘Everything,’ and his generic, conventional attire would reflect that.” Fall 2014 for The Hundreds stands for the individualism and simultaneous mob mentality of music fans in the ’90s on both coasts—the bands of brothers.

GETAWAY” Duffle Bag, “BURNS CC” Wallet,  “NICNAC” Bag, “HOVERING” Socks, “JON” Backpack.

TERRA” Jacket, “TRENCH” Long-Sleeve Shirt, “BRIGADE” Cargo Pants, “WUL PEACOAT” Jacket, “RHYMES” Button-Up Woven Shirt, “SLANT CAMO” T-shirt, “PONG” Sweatpants, “BONE” Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, “BANKS” T-Shirt


The Hundreds Fall 2014 D3 will be available at three of our flagships (THSM, THSF, THNY), authorized stockists, and in the Online Shop tomorrow, September 11. Read more about the music-inspired collection in full here, with some words from Bobby about the death of album music, and the clan-like fans of ’90s East and West Coast hip-hop. Shop D1 and D2 HERE.

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