By Kazie Holiday

January 01, 2015

As 2014 comes to a halt, so must our Best of 2014 lists. Below is a round-up of all of our year-end lists, written by our contributors around the globe – lists comprising of the best of streetwear, sneakers (3 personality-laden lists from 3 of our contributing sneakerheads), books, film, music, and more. Click on the images below to link to each list.


“Top 10 Movies of 2014”  by Todd Knaak

“Are You Listening :: Top 10 Podcasts of the Year” by Jensen Karp

“Top 25 Sneaker Releases of 2014” by Jon Hundreds

“Top 10 Rappers of 2014” by Jensen Karp

“Top 10 Favourite Places I’ve Visited this Year” by Suffoca

“My Top 10 Favorite Graphic T-Shirts of 2014” by Tom Winslade

“10 Best Streetwear Releases of 2014” by Peter Yeh

“10 Best Dutch Collaborations of 2014 :: Skate, Streetwear, and Design” by Maarten

“The Best & Worst of VideoDaze 2014” by VideoDaze

“The Best Books of the Year AKA the Most Boring List of 2014” by Bobby Hundreds

“The Best Articles I Read in 2014 and Why” by Beca Grimm

“Best Things I Ate in Los Angeles in 2014” by Jesse Furman

“Favorite Shots I Took in 2014” by Mike Blabac

“Favorite Moments in Fashion in 2014” by Chris Danforth

“Most Important Album Releases of 2014” by Tom Winslade

“10 Stories that Changed 2014” by Peter Yeh

“The Best Art Shows I Saw Around the World in 2014” by Zio

“The Best Concerts I Attended in 2014” by akam1k3

2014 :: The Best of the Best and the Worst” by Bobby Hundreds

“The Best TV Shows of 2014” by Jensen Karp

10 of My Favorite Gadgets Released in 2014

“The Dopest 10 Sneakers of 2014” by Chris Danforth

“10 Best Sneaker Releases of 2014” by Tom Winslade

“Keep Your Foot on the Gas and Don’t Lift :: My Year in Photos” by Vito Nguyen

“Our Favorite Art & Design Books of 2014”

“10 Favorite Lookbooks of the Year” by Chris Danforth

Kazie Holiday