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Test Shot :: Leia Contois

Test Shot :: Leia Contois

Back with another test shot segment for you guys. This feature is going to be on Leia Contois. Through the happenings that is the world wide web (via a e-mail from her) Leia and I were able to link up and take some pics. She had a expressed a interest in working with me to create some images and after checking out some of her photos via instagram I was sold. We met up at a location I rented out in Beverly Hills for the day to have some fun and snap some flicks. Having what many would consider the figure of a runway model I had a feeling this was going to be good. I chose the set of photos below due to how simple the set was but something about it jumped out at me a little bit more then the other shots… not sure why but thats how it goes sometimes. Well I hope you guys enjoy the photos too. Check out the little interview we did below along with the rest of the shots.


O.k. Leia let’s start this with how old are you?

22 years young = )

And what is your ethnicity?


Where were you born?

I was actually born in the middle of the desert in Victorville,California but I grew up in Lake Tahoe.

Where about are you currently residing?

Living over in the valley these days. Sunny Los Angeles,Ca.

Name off some of your likes in life.

Junk food,english bulldogs,modeling,singing,dancing,painting,photography,weed,wine,snowboarding,hiking,traveling,music,fashion,Nintendo,writing and so much more! 

What about the dislikes?

Negative people and bad energy.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to impact people with my music so I guess an influential singer.

Speaking of influential,who are some of your influences in life

My mother would have to be my biggest influence. She passed away when I was 12 but gave me all the tools to be everything I am today which I am very proud of. She was a vey strong woman that taught me very well. She influences me to this day without even being present. = )

Do you have a favorite food?

Spaghettios on a rainy day = )

Name a favorite place you have traveled to.

Costa Rica. When I was 12 I went there with my family and fell in love with the nature,culture,people and just the overall way of life. I got a tattoo on my ribs that says Pura Vida. It means to live a pure life and you do that by doing the things that make you the most happy every day of your life because you never know when it will end. 

Name a place you want to visit before you die.

Lake Como. I would die a happy woman if I got to go there for sure. 

What is your current employment?

Model = )

And lastly do you have a favorite type of music?

Well growing up I wasn’t really allowed to watch t.v. so all I did was listen to music and learn about all the different genres of it. My taste in music is very eclectic and can range from the Smashing Pumpkins to the Pixies,Nirvana,John Mayer,Adele,Beyonce,A$AP Rocky,Living Legends and Atmosphere. It is hard to even begin naming my favorite but I just love good music. Right now my go to is Jessie Ware. I love her album and voice it is so soothing.















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