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Sydney Robot Workshop

Sydney Robot Workshop

Do you spend sleepless nights staring at the ceiling frustrated as to how to build your own autonomous robot? Have you torn apart matchbox and Tonka toys attempting to replicate an R2 droid? Is Pharell’s 24 hour HAPPY music video the exact way you feel when you stare at an ED-209? Then boy am I glad I found the Sydney Robot Workshop for you. You freak.

Resident legend Dave Everett created the workshop about 4 years ago. Dave needed a space to create and store his endless projects. Also after building his award winning R2-D2 other people wanted to learn. Then others… then 100’s of people wanting to bring their science fiction fantasy to life. Here Dave is working on an entry level programable bot.

That is just a 3D printer with googly eyes.

Dave and I bot agree that Dr. Who is whack… same with the Outer Limits. But if you talk nasty about Star Wars I have a Sarlacc pit I’d like you to meet.

Dave’s real job is in special effects. Mostly firearms and explosives. He works on every major film that comes through Australia. Gatsby, Wolverine, and the soon to be released Mad Max movie to name three.

Robots are made with regular earth tools.

The glorious ED-209 and friends.

R5 is pretty rad looking.

Hey R2 where you going?! I didn’t mean it like radder than you… I meant… c’mon R2 wait up!


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