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Supply Store

Supply Store

Last time I came to Australia I asked Scotty Trillz what he wanted. He said all he wanted was a T-Shirt from Supply. After a day of being Jet-Bagged (not the same as Jet Lagged) I woke up, said good morning to Hugh Jackman and went straight to the most exceptional shop in Sydney.

Three way welcome matt.

Every year Neighborhood makes a porcelain incense holder. Supply has almost every one on display. The bulldogs on the bottom are currently for sale.

If I can compare it to a store you are familiar with, it’s kind of like Union. If Union carried Supreme.

Part of the Supply X Wes Lang collaboration.

Scotty! I found you the classic Supply Tee… in a small… soz about that. (“Soz” is how Australians say “Sorry”.)

For the person that was thinking of opening an Ice Cream and Bagels… shop you are a little late.

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