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Staff Approved :: The Hundreds Homebase Weekly Playlist (11.4.16)

Staff Approved :: The Hundreds Homebase Weekly Playlist (11.4.16)

We’re back for another weekly installment of Staff Approved and this time we’ve tapped into our graphic design team to get insight on what tracks they’ve been bumpin’ recently. Here’s what our printables crew (the guys who conceive, draw, and execute all your favorite graphic tees at The Hundreds from concept to finish)—consisting of Eddie Viramontes and Philip Lumbang—have been listening to.

Evidence – “You”

This song stays on my music rotation ever since the day the single dropped. It’s got all the makings of a classic track, with booming beat (by the one and only DJ Premier), catchy melody, a female singer sample, and scratches. This is the type of song that I like to play to pump myself up. It’s also my go to song to play extra loud in my car on a Friday afternoon because the bass is insane. It’s that type of song that I can sing along to each of the hooks that play out. The classic Mobb Deep sample also contributes to a great hook. I also really like listening to artists that are local because I feel that since we come from the same environment, I can relate to it even more. I’m all about supporting local artists and can get behind anybody out of LA. This song is off of Evidence’s album debut after signing with the Minneapolis record label, Rhymesayers, and was a solid follow up to his solo project, The Weatherman LP. I remember being excited about the release of this album and wasn’t disappointed when it came out. -Eddie

Musiq Soulchild – “Just Friends (Sunny)”

I’m a sucker for early 2000s R&B and this song right here personifies everything I love about that era. I was put on Musiq Soulchild by my older cousins while I was still in my most awkward high school phase. This song hits many nostalgic and cringe-worthy notes that I love to look back at and laugh about. I once made a girl a mix tape with only this song on it—THAT’S IT. I thought I was being cute and clever but in hindsight it was such a bad move. I love that wherever I am, no matter who I’m with, this song can come on and I’ll sing along without hesitation. Don’t get me started about the music video! I love everything about this song and it always brings me joy when I listen to it. -Phil


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