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Shook :: "Wen Shen" Showcase featuring Lunice

Shook :: "Wen Shen" Showcase featuring Lunice

Rather than e-mail a *yawn* press release, the guys from Shook in Toronto brought me out to their collection launch to check out the new goods and peep Lunice‘s set in the Shook loft space. To their credit, I found this a much tighter way to drop a collection so, honestly can more brands start throwing loft parties when they release a collection? I arrived a couple days ahead and watched as they renovated the space, crafting plexiglass encasements for the gear to be displayed. The overall vibes were dope, and Lunice played an intimate set, different from the hectic club environments you may have caught him in. Designer Kai Kinos was responsible for the Wen Shen collection, which utilized some truly impressive and rare fabrics including spider silk and Brazilian leather, across a series of streetwear silhouettes. The name derives from a Chinese phrase meaning “trouble maker”.

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