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Snap Saturdays :: Sidelines of Annual SF Dyke March

Snap Saturdays :: Sidelines of Annual SF Dyke March

With a demanding fulltime job (non photo related), two kids and other family and life happenings, it’s challenging to find time to shoot photos. But over the last year or so, I’ve been reserving Saturday afternoons for me time, where I can hit the streets with my camera for a few hours and not have to worry about anything but taking pictures.

Late last Saturday afternoon, I met up in The Mission with a couple comrades from my crew, #SOSMobb, where the annual SF Dyke March was happening as part of Pride Weekend, of which I’m an advocate/fan. Much love and respect to the LGBT community…

When it comes to shooting parades, festivals and other events, I tend to lurk around the sidelines, looking for more natural moments, instead of focusing on performers, or those intending/anticipating to be photographed. This goes along with the whole “Don’t go for the low hanging fruit” guideline I referenced to in my first post.

Below are a small handful of choice snaps I grabbed with my Ricoh GR (my go-to street rig) and the iPhone, both serving different purposes, namely surrounding lighting conditions.

I find that the phone coupled with the Hipstamatic app, specifically the John S. Lens and Blackeys Supergrain film combo, works wonders in toasty light. This app combo shoots the image in black-and-white—there’s no reversing it, similar to shooting B&W film, so be prepared. I personally dig the look, but it’s not for everyone…

Again, by no means do these photos sum up the event, there were plenty of other folks onhand capturing that angle. Rather, this is just a small collection of people and moments that I found interesting along the sides.

And on that note, if you live in the Bay Area or are ever here visiting, all are welcome to come shoot photos and hang out with us in The City on Saturdays, beginners encouraged and included. Just check in on my Instragram feed or follow the #SOSMobb hashtag for meetup info and such. We’d love to see you.

Be easy. Be Safe.

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