"Secret Stash" :: Jon Hundreds and His Massive Hat & Sneaker Collection

By Kazie Holiday

April 03, 2015

The Hundreds is proud to present “Secret Stash,” a bi-monthly mini-series dedicated to revealing some of the strangest hidden collecting habits of recognizable personalities. To kick things off, we shot over to visit our resident sneakerhead, Jon Hundreds (@archwood), and a small portion of his massive collection of hats and sneakers (you can see some of the rest in Nice Kicks’ “Sneak Peek” video with Jon). What started as a competition between Jon and Ben Hundreds in the ’90s quickly escalated into a collection with over 3k pairs of shoes alone – and he actually wears each and every pair of shoes as much as he can. Get an inside look at his collection below, and get ready to see more awe-inspiring collections very soon.


Kazie Holiday