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Get in Line Now :: The Rogue One Teaser Trailer Is Here

Get in Line Now :: The Rogue One Teaser Trailer Is Here

Holy shit though. The moment the world stops revolving around The Force Awakens, the studios that brought you your childhood strategically drop a very first look at the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story spinoff (prequel?). From director Gareth Edwards (Godzilla, Monsters [watch Monsters tonight]) and the writers of movies like After Earth, The Book of Eli, Antz, The Nutty Professor II (uh-oh)—this particular film explores the gap between episode III and IV, following the team of rebels that steal the Death Star plans. Yes, the ones that Princess Leia hides in R2-D2 during the opening moments of the first film, the ones that actually start the entire franchise. You guys, think about this for a second. That means there’s a chance that Darth Vader is going to be in this movie, but we probably won’t know until its opening day, December 16. Maybe even Obi-Wan. But that doesn’t even matter because acting heavyweight Felicity Jones is taking the lead—who has enough edge and badassery to stand in her own lane, away from Daisy Ridley. Also, Mads Mikkelsen is in this? The world’s best (but low-key) actor?! But where? And who? And is that fucking Donnie Yen? Everything’s going to be okay.

Plus, the actual footage in the trailer may have just negated the writers’ troublesome pasts. If you’ve ever played any Star Wars MMOs or RPGs, or read the comics, the world they’ve captured may feel familiar to you. Aka just Star Wars-y enough and just new enough—where characters simply look like they’ve seen some shit even worse than the Skywalker stories. And totally look like they’re in the Hunger Games. It is interesting that the teaser trailer is almost two minutes long though. Considering the Force Awakens teaser revealed nothing. I’m not if that’s a good thing or a lack of studio confidence. But who gives a shit when there are AT-AT Walkers in this movie.

While it’s really too early to really tell, there’s plenty of hope for Rogue One. It seems to exist in its own world, but a world that happens to be in the Star Wars galaxy.


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