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In Loving Memory of the World's #1 Pug, Wallace Hundreds

In Loving Memory of the World's #1 Pug, Wallace Hundreds

A few months after Ben Hundreds and Bobby Hundreds started The Hundreds fifteen years ago, Ben adopted his pet pug, Wallace. Over the years, Wallace became the beloved and unofficial mascot of our brand—hanging out at our store on Rosewood, popping up at BBQs, and sleeping under somebody’s desk in the office. If you’ve been with us for a while, you probably own something of ours with a Wallace cameo! Wallace Hundreds left us this morning, but his legacy will carry on through our brand. Thank you Wallace, for getting us to this point, and we will love and miss you forever.



From Bobby’s blog post from 2009: “Who is Wallace? Why does he always end up on the blog? Why do we dedicate entire t-shirt graphics around him? Moreso than Adam Bomb, Wallace is the true mascot here at The Hundreds. Ben picked up the world’s #1 pug within months of us starting the brand. So he’s as integral to TH than any human being.”

RIP Wallace "The Handsome Man" 2004-2018

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