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Rendezvous :: Melina

Rendezvous :: Melina

In the middle of August, I spent 11 days in Nice, France doing all the exploring, eating, and picture taking I could do. I met Melina via Instagram while I was down there. We texted for a while and decided to set a date. She flew from Paris the day before our shoot, and the plan was for me to pick her up by a hospital in Nice. On my way to pick her up, I managed to get myself lost, and without cell service in France, I was pretty much just fucked. Panicked by the thought of leaving her stranded by hospital, I looked frantically around me for a solution to this predicament. “Where the fuck is Liam Neeson!?” I said loudly to myself. As those words came out of my mouth hole, an Ambulance drove by! So I decided to gamble everything and follow that French Ambulance to hopefully the hospital I was trying to get to. And by some miracle, that happened and I picked her up by only being 5 minutes late. HOORAY!

The set you see below was shot in the village of Peillon, which is 40 minutes North of Nice, tucked away on top of a mountain. It has one road that gets you there and back, and the village itself has no roads. Only walkways and paths that lead to houses stacked on top of each other. It was a gorgeous place.

I decided to shoot Melina in the hotel room and the outside area. The hotel had a very cool vibe, but I had to capture some shots outside in the village.

Hope you enjoy this set!


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