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Rendezvous :: Joy II

Rendezvous :: Joy II

Happy Thanksgiving! OR actually I think by the time you read this it’s Black Friday, so happy Black Friday…

Remember Joy? She and I had a rendezvous a while back that broke the internet kind of. The set got posted on so many random websites that I couldn’t even keep track of it. Since our first shoot Joy and I have shot 3 more times, and for some reason, I shoot rolls of film after we are done with our normal set. It’s kind of like the “after-hours” of our shoots. The photos you’re about to see are from two separate shoots that I took on my 1972 canon ftb. They are unedited photos straight scanned from the negatives. I like these sets because nothing is retouched, there’s no color correcting, and the shots themselves are unplanned and all over the place. Which I love. They are raw, they’re imperfect, they are us. Enjoy.

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