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Rendezvous :: Emma

Rendezvous :: Emma

Every Friday, Neave shares a photo set on called “Rendezvous.” You’re welcome.

Hello, friend. Welcome to another Rendezvous!

Remember when I had a Rendezvous with Anna in New York? What you probably didn’t know is that I had another Rendezvous on that same day! “Two in one day!? Are you mad?!” said my camera to me. “Yes, Sharon. Don’t be a bitch,” I replied. So I left Anna’s, got in my Uber, and headed to the Soho area to meet up with Emma. Her and I have shot a few times, so at this point we just plan our sets super last minute, which is fun and exciting in its own way. Got to her place and realized that the lighting sucks ass and that I need to use a lamp for lighting. I used to use a flash during situations like this last year, but I like using lamps or whatever is available. The challenge is exciting!

We shot a couple of looks in her apartment and that’s when it dawned on me: “Hey, how about we shoot in the snow outside! Wear a big coat with just lingerie under.” I had a feeling she would be down but I didn’t think she would get excited about it! She changed immediately and we walked out into the snow. Those are the last shots you’ll see on this post.

The snow photos are my favorite! Thank you Emma for being a fucking trooper and rocking that outfit in freezing weather. Enjoy.

P.S. My camera’s name is Sharon. Because why the fuck not.

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