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Recent Developments :: A Black and White Film Set in LA

Recent Developments :: A Black and White Film Set in LA

Sometimes I need a break from this instant gratification age we live in. It can be anything from simply turning off my phone, to getting outside and going for a hike. These little things usually help to really just enjoy life. When it comes to photography, I prefer to load up a film camera and see what the world has to offer me. Now, I started shooting photos back in 2001/2002, right before the DSLRs were flooding the market. To me, shooting the 36 exposures on a roll bring me back to a time before smart phones and outlets like Instagram. I love the feeling of collecting images on my camera and turning in a finished roll. There really is something to the excitement to not exactly know how your images turned out. Then again, shooting with a manual film camera really helps you understand your settings. Rather than chimp after you take your image, you are pressed to get it right the first time. No moment to quickly review your image and adjust on the fly. There is something calming about dealing with that. Since I recently got a roll back from being processed, I figured it would be to share here with all of you. Every time I come back to this medium, it makes me appreciate the individuals who to shoot this way more and more. Whenever anyone asks me what’s the best way to learn how to shoot, I always suggest picking up a film SLR and shooting on it for 6 months or so. It helps to better understand all the settings to the point where one could walk into a room and know what ISO x shutter x aperture to be at. That is my rant for today, hope you enjoy the flicks.

For those interested, this was shot on a Leica M6 with Ilford HP5 plus 400 ISO film. I pushed the ISO to 3200 to give the images a more contrast look.

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