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G.O.O.D Music in the Woods :: PUSHA T at Hovefestivalen

G.O.O.D Music in the Woods :: PUSHA T at Hovefestivalen

Here I go with another picture recap from Hovefestivalen. This time around it’s from a concert with one of my all time favorite rappers: Pusha T aka King Push! I’ve seen him a couple of times before, both solo dolo and with Clipse, but never have I got to shoot his concert. I was so stoked to finally do so. I went to Hovefestivalen to shoot my homies (Arif and B.A.W.S.), but Pusha T was mos def on top of that list too. Right before the concert, I thought my dream would be crushed when people walked around and said King Push canceled on us. I swear, I almost killed someone. Luckily it was a false alarm, and it was “only” Azealia Banks who canned her fourth show in a row on Norwegian soil. Phew.

The concert was on, and in my opinion, it was the bomb. Banger after banger was served to us. Even though the sound was messed up at times, it was still awesome! Pusha T still gave it his all. It was so awesome to shoot. I’m pretty sure that I was the only one dancing and turning up in the photo pit. Good times! I tried to get some portraits of him, but he had already left by the time I got to the backstage, but one day I’m sure I’ll get to do so. Big ups to Pusha for doing some Clipse classics too! Check out some of the pictures I took below:


“But this SHIT sound like GOD don’t it!?”

“I’m King Push, this king push…”

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