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PHO-netically PHO-nny PHO-nunciation

PHO-netically PHO-nny PHO-nunciation

Perhaps you have tried the hottest hipster food of 2009, Pho. Pho is so cheap and easy to make new franchises are popping up hourly. Since there are no  differences with cooking noodles in hot water, all the creativity relies in the name. Formerly named UnPHOgetable, PHOnomenal is a favorite of PHOrell Williams when he visits West Hollywood… which is often. Welcome to The Hundreds presents the top 26 PHO restaurants list.

Second runner up is 9021PHO in Beverly Hills. This places costs a PHOrtune. I can’t make a joke with Brian Austin Green… but can with his PHO number! (310) 497-9929. 

 I’m confident you won’t have any PHO-mo if you choose Absolutly PHObulous. This is La Cienega’s premier PHO destination.

Pho Real? This is the best you can do Pho Citi? Must be full of PHOty9ers fans.

Honorable Mention. F?nuts

You just don’t get it, do you?

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