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Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

This last sunday was another historical Super Bowl. Filled with events and action that honestly I could give 2 shits about. Nothing against it,it just really isn’t my thing. So I did what I had been doing for the past 20 years or so which is go skating. I picked up my pal Scotty from his house and we headed to downtown L.A. where we linked up with Huf and Cullen. It was a fun mellow day  consisting of cruising around to a couple of spots and taking a few flicks in the process. By the end of it we wound up at the L.A. book fair which you have seen on either Bobby or Natalia’s posts. So instead of showing you another update of that I am gonna leave that part out.

Huf x The Trillz

O.G. Cullen

This guy was out there and not too happy I took his picture.

What signs?

Huf wasn’t distracted 1 bit while doing this wall ride.

Trillz with a f/s 5.0

Cullen backed him up with a tailslide

And Huf made us all 15 years old again by flying over some skate stoppers.

LACMA bound

We bumped into Chad from Diamond outside. He had a hand full of gems from the book fair.

You all know what is beyond this sign.

When we got back to our cars Cullen and I found ourselves with matching parking tickets. The Trillz found this funny.

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