By Kazie Holiday

January 05, 2015

We decided to switch things up quite a bit for our booth at this year’s Agenda tradeshow. If you’re familiar with the way The Hundreds does tradeshows from day one, we usually cloak our booth in black canvas and hide our collection behind a curtain, concealing our future collection and the inner-workings going about. This year, with the launch of the new and the expansion of our global community, we wanted our booth’s façade to focus on the personalities that embody and perpetuate everything we stand for. We asked a select handful of our global correspondents to shoot portraits of friends and individuals working behind, within, and around our global community, and had each person respond to a short Q&A, sharing what they do, where they live, and their unique resolutions for the new year. Along with The Hundreds’ staff portraits, below are the people building the walls that hold our culture together.

Portraits below by Pete Pabon, Sammy Glucksman aka SDJ, John Pangilinan, Fongstarr, Matthew Hassoun, Neave Bozorgi, Chris Danforth, and Zach Marshall.


Kazie Holiday