My Way :: BDWY :: HAROLD

My Way :: BDWY :: HAROLD

By Kazie Holiday

September 18, 2014

Meet Harold, the chillest newest addition to the The Hundreds Santa Monica team. A Lancaster native who’s “been BDWY” according to Chowdabum, he’s known the crew there for the past two years, so we’re super stoked to have him on board. Here in the latest installation My Way, Harold styles his hand-picked selections from The Hundreds’ Fall 2014 collection that are currently available at BDWY (416 Broadway St.). Read more about the heavily Hip-Hop-inspired collection HERE.


MASH” Button-Up Flannel Shirt in Blue, “TEAM” Snap-Back Cap in Blue, “INDUSTRY” Work Pants in Olive

MARKET” Jacket in Black, “CULTURE” Snap-Back Cap in Black, “THAT KID” T-shirt in Black

LUCK” New Era 29/20 Fitted Cap in Charcoal, “Side View Haiti” T-shirt in White

Kazie Holiday