By Rob

January 13, 2015

There are people that think they collect cars. There are people that would say unless it was made before 1930 and in France, it’s garbage. So all those @Tagthesponsor pics in front of Ferraris and Lambos might as well be taken in a outlet mall parking lot. The very small group of true car collectors is made up by billionaires you don’t know... and BJAY Crooks. Which is why you and the rest of LA doesn’t know that there is a hidden Bugatti museum up near Santa Barbara. It’s called Mullin Automotive by the guy passionate enough to amass the collection and care about securing the future of these automobiles, Peter Mullin.

Back then, car owners raced their cars on the weekends. Bugattis always won, which gave them their super fast legacy.

This is an insane story you should read it here. Also when you visit here, make sure you get the tour.

This is the Bugatti in the lake. It was pulled out after 70 years at the bottom and sold for like a shitload.

Cars used to be built in several pieces. You needed a chassis, then you chose a body from a different fabricator, then you have to hire an engineer to put the two pieces together. In the 1920s these cars still cost over 20,000 pounds. Back then, it was still the price of 3 houses.

This body was designed by some kids at Art Center. I recommend you should go there if you are not clear on your life goals.

Speed Holes.