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MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know

MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know

I broke my nose in a fight once. It was a short scuffle between me and a 1987 Dodge Caravan. I picked up some groceries to set it down on the ground and when I turned around, “WHAM!”…the hydraulic pumps holding the trunk buckle and it shifted my nose a few millimeters to the right. To this day I have never fixed my nose…and to this day, girls will still say that I have a big forehead.

Self proclaimed true emcee and fellow nose face killah KRS-ONE stopped by Yoshi’s this past Thursday. With an astounding 12 albums and 6 with BDP, Kris now has to rely on jazz clubs in the Fillmore district in order to supplement his 401k rather than sold out arenas.

Music now a days is all about trends and sadly KRS-ONE has not succumbed himself in learning how to twerk on stage. But what you lack in frivolous hot ass, you gain in quality showmanship and sharp microphone skills. This concert in its truest form was all about fun and reliving a past that is now gone but memorable in good morale. This is just not music but an excerpt of our history. It’s a time where we had to break down barriers and fight a system that society has structured us to be. Unteach what has been taught; reprogram the program; untweet the retweet. Does any of this stuff make sense? Good!…cause I have no idea what I am saying.

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