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Mara and Mine

Mara and Mine

New brand alert! So if you said to me, “Rob, I want to start a new brand.” I would say “Don’t bother.” If you said, “I want to start a new footwear line, and have it hand made here in L.A. with sustainable leathers and organic dyes, and it’s going to launch in Australia next month and then in the U.S. 3 months later.” I’d say, “you need your head examined, now get off my motorcycle.”

Unfortunately that is what my girlfriend said to me 6 months ago. She is the “Mara” in Mara & Mine. Clearly I’m not the one to ask because she and her business partner and bestie Jasmine (aka Mine) pulled it off. Not only accomplished this unachievable goal, they did a really impressive job. They have already sold out of their entire stock. They have been interviewed by the NYT fashion section, WWD, and featured in Italian Vogue and it’s not even in stores!

Give me the gold, I want the gold.

This is their rockstar at the moment. Don’t worry it will be available for men spring ’13. Tam says I didn’t draw the bones… even though the exact same drawing is on her kitchen counter like 8 months ago. Now that this is out there be on the look out for idea looters. I give Sketchers 3 months to bring this to market.

Where can you buy it? Ever heard of Maxfields? Collette? My backseat? Don’t forget to follow Mara&Mine on INSTAGRAM!

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