Treats! Magazine "Trick or Treats! Halloween Party"

Treats! Magazine "Trick or Treats! Halloween Party"

By Rob

November 01, 2012

Treats! Magazine had the best party on Halloween night. Very hard to get in, very insane house in the Hollywood Hills. (Not to be confused with busche league laurel canyon) Party goers really took the “undress to impress” dress code literally.

Unimpressed Mckayla and Winona Ryder.

A mermaid.


Same Uma Thurman from Soho House.


The one night Darren doesn’t wear the Jimmy Goldstein costume… 

Who wore it better?

Benny as guy that has never seen a girl before.

Jack as 3rd semester private school Bruce Wayne.

I have completed my Winklevoss collection!

Michael Utsinger