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Making Pictures :: Texting & Driving in Oahu

Making Pictures :: Texting & Driving in Oahu

I landed in Oahu a few days ago and I cannot wait to get back to Detroit. Nah, I’m joking. This island is one of most beautiful places in the United States, and probably in the top 10 of the world. I needed to be in New Zealand next week and since Pow Wow Hawaii was just kicking off, I figured why not stop here and check that out–and I’m already half way to NZ–for the win! My flight is out Monday night and although I’m going to miss out on most of Pow Wow, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and chop it up with some of the dopest artists out here already. I ran into the homie Tristan Eaton last night, and sharing a house with Persue, Nychos, Mad Steez, Bask, Glenn Barr & Spencer Keeton is crazy inspiring. Big shouts to Jasper Wong and Kamea Hadar for making me feel at home. At least I get to hit the Do-Over tonight and relax for another couple days before my schedule gets hectic. On that note, I’m going to leave you with a few visuals from my trip so far. Enjoy.

The view from our house is kinda nice. I could get used to waking up to this.

Our neighbor told us the proper way to wake up in Hawaii is to jump from a cliff. We listened–although probably not the best decision considering the rock and coral sliced us up pretty good. From now on, I’ll wake up on my own terms.

In route to Sunset Beach.

I wandered around Haleiwa for a minute looking for something–just wasn’t sure what.

Nothing is fun without the risk of serious injury. Duh.

Back at the crib.

Trying to get back to the North Shore to hit a BBQ put together by Jasper & Kamea at a pretty epic beach house in Haleiwa. This traffic makes me feel like I’m on the 405 though. I got rolled by PD for texting while driving and not wearing a seatbelt. Dude was cool and gave me a pass. So glad he didn’t see me shooting flicks out the window–probably wouldn’t have ended like that.

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