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M.I.Aye :: Part 2 at The Asylum

M.I.Aye :: Part 2 at The Asylum

For my next day in Miami I expressed a interest to my friend Mayleen about checking out a place I had been hearing about. Most people called it the “Asylum” and claimed that it used to be a mental hospital that has been run down for sometime now – making it a home to graffiti artists, paint ballers, and anyone who could think of any activity to do there. So naturally I was curious and wanted to go snap it. I have been to Miami enough times to see the usual spots like Wynwood and South Beach. Fortunately for me, she knew exactly where this place was and offered to take me there. I will note this: it is a great plus when you befriend a photographer in another city. Every time I go to Miami and have a location question, usually Mayleen knows of it or knows someone who can get us there. We headed out since this place was definitely off the beach and a bit of a way from downtown. Once there, I was in awe of this place. Covered in vibrant spray paint and lush greenery, it was a very cool place to see in person. Although I am not sure if it was a mental hospital, especially after hearing another set of rumors that it was a former military compound during the Cold War. Either or, it was a great place to take the Leica T camera out since I had just received it to test out before flying for this trip. And I must say I was very impressed with the camera’s performance. Just scroll below to see for yourself.

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