Lawyers Guns and Money

Lawyers Guns and Money

By Rob

October 07, 2013

buscemi guns and moneyWhat do you get when you mix photographer Damon Kidwell, $173,000 in cash, 3 Daytona’s, my gun collection and the single most important release the sneaker community has seen since the creation of the air bubble? Besides this photo, you get where I have been spending the majority of my time for the past year. No one could have predicted the attention the 100mm shoe has received. Jon Buscemi and I co-designed, produced, marketed and disrupted the industry just enough to to make everyone stop, stare and wait to see what we do next.

buscemi 100mm sneakerSpecial thanks to Michael Utsinger who created these images completely unprovoked. We just gave him a pair because he hangs out with models and can get us in clubs!