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Know Good Dudes

Know Good Dudes

New install at the Fantasy Factory, 4 new offices for the constantly growing work force. The one with the light on belongs to Nino Scalia who invited Buscemi and I for a ultra double top secret meeting.

Buscemi is all about that straight cash homie.

If you’re gonna hit it like a girl, hit it like a big girl.

Mall grab is often confused with a very efficient way to carry a skateboard. Lap bands are also a highly efficient way to lose weight.

Brian Atlas says if you are gonna be good at one specific thing, don’t let it be wearing Uniqlo mini puffers… cuz he got that shit DIALED.

Oh Ghostface wrote on your hat too? Tell me more how much of a pre-UGOD solo album Wu-Tang fan you are. +12 style points for writing on a Gucci bucket.

Nino Scalia, formerly of Alien Workshop team manager fame, cut to Ice Cream skate team birthed, switch to Fly Society, swerve into Dyrdek Enterprises internal entertainment manager and global class A import exporter… of FUN!

Oh you mad? Jon Buscemi behaves in an unconventional manner.

Quick bruschetta lunch at the Larchmont deli. Larchmont being the busche league Robertson blvd. I’m so West Hollywood I don’t go past Crescent Heights.

If you are new here, just remember the links are the best part of this blog. I am way better at the internet than you and like to share via clever and offensive easter eggs.

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