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Selfie Sessions-Rachel Metz

Selfie Sessions-Rachel Metz

Here I am with a new segment for my blog simply titled “Selfie Sessions”. I am sure the history of the selfie has been around longer then we noticed but with the advancements in technology it is a house hold name now. I figured that with all the people I am fortunate enough to photograph it would be interesting to give them one of my cameras, send them in a room for their own personal photo shoot. I think this is just a fascinating art form (not sure if that’s what it is but if you were to think about it there is a level of creativity to these shots) that is unique to each individual, I see it as a glimpse into their personality with nothing more then a camera and a mirror. Something about these  pictures is so raw and relatable that it pulls us all in. I figured I would launch this new project with Rachel so enjoy and expect more of these segments to come.

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