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June 17 :: The Hundreds Summer Internship Interviews

June 17 :: The Hundreds Summer Internship Interviews

Alright, it’s finally that time of year, which means you can stop DMing us about it. Please. The Hundreds Summer Internship program has arrived, so it’s time to bust out that bottom drawer button-up and make some moves. If you or anyone you know (or hate) has any interest in graphic design, headwear, cut and sew, humorous yet soul-crushing mental torture, cut and sew, editorial, marketing, video, finance, or sales, then head on over to The Hundreds Homebase  (3150 E. 46th St. Vernon, CA) on June 17th for a live interview.

Bring a resume, portfolio—and/or reel if you’re applying for video with Johnny Chang—or else don’t come because, yes, there are things stronger than your word. Like, you know, resumes or portfolios. No, Instagram is neither of those things. Got it? Read this enough? Cool, because everything we just wrote is directly below on this flyer in fewer words. We know, what a waste of your time. Well, if you read this, we appreciate your thoroughness and you have passed the pre-interview.

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