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jeffstaple Interviews Bobby & Ben Hundreds for Hypebeast's 'Business of Hype' Podcast

jeffstaple Interviews Bobby & Ben Hundreds for Hypebeast's 'Business of Hype' Podcast

Business of HYPE is jeffstaple’s weekly podcast series on Hypebeast Radio that looks at the reality behind building a brand as seen through the lenses of creatives and entrepreneurs. It’s essentially a weekly blueprint for how to make it in our culture. With guests ranging from Hiroshi Fujiwara to Yoon Ahn, and Aaron Levant to Ben Baller, the array of perspectives is wide. Each episode provides unique insights that on a whole could be the curriculum for a college course. If you have any aspiration of starting a brand yourself, we highly recommend you tune into this series.

In Episode 16, Bobby and Ben Hundreds join the list of Business of HYPE’s alumni. The two walk us through their humble roots as law school students slanging T-shirts and hats to growing The Hundreds into the 15-year strong brand it has become today. Needless to say, it’s a long story with many plot twists. Through it all,  the duo have navigated several eras of streetwear while remaining equal partners—which, as jeffstaple points out, is the most difficult business model there is.

If you’re a fan of the brand or just curious about how it evolved, this episode of Business of Hype gives the full story from both partners’ perspectives. This is rare in and of itself being that Ben rarely does interviews. That alone is a reason to give this a listen when you’ve got the time to take the full 73 minutes in.