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Jamie Thomas Interviews Bobby Hundreds in the Newest Episode of 'Thrill of It All'

Jamie Thomas Interviews Bobby Hundreds in the Newest Episode of 'Thrill of It All'

Yesterday, we interviewed skate icon Jamie Thomas about Thrill of It All, his new podcast and passion project, that has since featured figures like Ray Barbee, Ed Templeton, and Chad Muska.

Today, the insightful podcast launched a new episode featuring our co-founder Bobby Hundreds. The two discuss Bobby’s upbringing, why he found the perfect business partner in Ben, his aspirations of being an artist from a young age, the importance of activism, and the problem with streetwear’s materialism.

Jamie Thomas wrote: “Bobby is as real & transparent as they come; his passion & drive to connect, create & stand up for others is unparalleled. I’m very thankful to have had the privilege of interviewing him.”

Be sure to listen to the inspirational podcast on Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, and your favorite podcast platform.

Highlight from the conversation about streetwear and materialism:

“I don’t think there’s a lot of social justice speak out there in streetwear. Streetwear is very materialistic. We’re in this culture right now of pursuing and achieving as much wealth as possible, and streetwear is a big proponent of that… it’s about how expensive your clothes are, how rare and expensive your sneakers are. And so I just want to try to provide as much of an alternative opinion as possible of streetwear. Streetwear is also about communication, diversity, inclusivity, representation of different ideas, people, ideologies. That’s a big part of streetwear too, let’s communicate, not just buy stuff.”

Follow Thrill of It All at and on Instagram @thrillofitall.

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