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Amidst all the emphasis to “network” in this city, I’ve found that the best networking is really done by actually cultivating personal relationships with people. More importantly, it really is best done by cultivating relationships with people regardless of their social status or level of fame. I’m proud to say that the folks that come around my crib are typically around for a good night of partying and mayhem as opposed to some form of business at hand. Some of the best “networking” I’ve accomplished with people in this city has been made through delinquent activity, shotgunning Tecates, and any bit of debauchery that’ll have me snoozing past your first lunch break.

I’ve found that the people I share fun days and nights with typically end up being the first people to support me and my music. There weren’t long lists of back-and-forth emails made. Awkward lunch meetings weren’t scheduled. Corporate offices weren’t visited. Phone conferences weren’t held. Instead, most of the support I get from people in this industry has been received by the result of being an actual human being. Go figure.

This past week I shared a few drunken nights with folks from the squad.

Had a pregame session with the crew on my roof before hitting up the Born x Raised x TDE function. With the homies in this picture alone; an album could be made with top tier raps, heavy drum fills, harsh screaming, a Noisey premiere, an oil painting, Super 8 music videos, and a live show with deadly circle pits.

The beer from this can plummeted about five stories before landing on the stomping grounds of a tranny prostitute’s stroll.

I’ve seen Mikal sneak into a plethora of LA events without any connect, wristband, or pair of tits. He is a legend in the streets.

Before mobbin’ out that night, we all watched a very drunken freestyle session by Lee Spielman and Earl Sweatshirt. Might go down in history. Probably won’t. Regardless… very epic, rare moment.

After about 12 beers and an eighth of weed, the only picture I ended up taking from the BxR party was a snap of the homie Nate Walton from Family. You can tell it’s Nate because homegirl’s crewneck tells you it is. Nate’s been kicked off Instagram about five times due to his photography raising up red flags. Apparently Instagram is not a big fan of naked girls on beds.

This past Sunday the homegirl Shannon celebrated her birthday by throwing a hotel soiree in a suite at the new Ace Hotel. Shannon works with Vice and holds it down for so many artists on the come up. She connects the dots for a lot of us kids on the rise and manages to keep it organic and authentic. It’s only right I fell through and drank booze in the name of all that is her.

Lee showed up to the suite and immediately took a nap. He woke up in this position and within moments and a few sips of beer he was playing sloppy power chords. Now Lee is out in Australia playing shows with his band Trash Talk. Now our crib is finally clean and quiet.

The night continued very drunkenly. Give a group of people my age a bunch of beer, whiskey, and ’90s RnB playlists and you will receive a bunch of hilarious Mariah Carey renditions and dance moves people been using since their 2001 middle school graduation dance.

Keep your circle tight. It’s those people that allow you to be where you’re at now. The concept of “networking” is one that doesn’t allow room for much humanity or pure intention. But just like anything in this world, the concept can be manipulated and flipped. Perhaps let your good intentions and friendships serve as your “networking”. What do I know though right??? I’m just surrounded by cool heads that I’m actually a fan of.

Most of the things you read on this screen or monitor of yours doesn’t want you to look at life like this. But duh… life is still very much so a rat race to the top full of thirsty retweets, lunch meetings, and two-faced favors. But when it all of it finally comes together, I would just rather have the rooms in my mansion filled with friends instead of butlers.


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