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Hawaiian Recap :: Pt. 3

Hawaiian Recap :: Pt. 3

For my last day in Oahu, I linked up with Josh from 808 skate shop via Scotty. It was awesome to hang out and get to know Josh, especially finding out he was on the tail end of 118 board shop when it was still around. I mentioned to him I wanted to see a side of the island that isn’t the traditional go-to tourist spot. After getting a better idea of what I like to shoot, he suggested we hit up Pillboxes and the Omega Station. Now the Pillboxes were these old military outlooks on top of some high points. It was cool to check them out and feel the sense of history there. Now they are covered in graffiti and serve as a point to rest after the hike to get up to them, along with a hangout for the youth. We hiked up just in time for the sunrise and shot there bit before heading over to the Omega Station which used to be a power station, but is now dormant. It was a massive building which was fun to explore. My fear of heights was definitely tested exploring all the levels of this place. All in all, I would say I really enjoyed my trip to Oahu and definitely plan on making it back out there soon. Thank you again Rob and Josh for taking time out of your schedules to show me around. It was really much appreciated!

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