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E.K. 2

E.K. 2

Well, as we all know, spring is officially here. And so is Eric Koston’s new shoe from Nike. Last night they hosted a release event at their skate facility 6th and Mill in Los Angeles. Having been a fan of Koston’s skating since I started back in ’92, how could I not show up for this? Expecting it to be filled with the whose who of skateboarding, as well as some friendly faces who run the behind the scenes of some of your favorite skate shops and companies, I was not disappointed. There was amazing catered food, miniature golfing, and plenty of Koston videos to watch in amazement, and a few well laid out timelines showcasing his achievements in skateboarding. Unfortunately for me, since I was running around all day taking pics, the battery on my Sony RX-100 a died soon after I arrived, Thankfully, I had my iPhone 5 on deck to assist with capturing what went down. Take a look at the photos below, and I highly recommend you check out Eric’s new shoe. It’s pretty awesome to see such an amazing and well-respected skateboarder/sneakerhead get to where he is today. And if anyone is going to utilize Nike’s technology to create a well-rounded product for skaters, it is Eric Koston.

Oh Face

P-Rod was there

So was Ed Selego of M.I.A. skate shop

The guts of Koston’s new shoe

Just in case you forgot about some of the most amazing tricks Koston has contributed to skating, they had this chart.

Dem Koston’s doe

Hubba Hideout revived as a mini put put course

Full house

O.G. Girl rider and fellow valley head Jeron Wilson

What up Dev and Jimmy Sweatpants

Brad Staba and Jon Buscemi

Speaking of Buscemi,his latest business venture Free Range L.A. was handling filling the hungry stomachs for the night, and did a amazing job.

Chris and Tim are the guys behind the G Pen, everyone’s most recent way of smoking weed

Mr. Shane O’neil

Hi Steve

Sean Malto made it out.

Victor of Val Surf and his bud light.

Dynamic duo Dan and Jon

Oh hi Paloma

Brad Staba hoisting Koston up onto his shoulders before his speech.


Brooklyn Dom and the man of the night (in most skateboarders eyes, the past 20 years) Eric Koston.

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