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Down and Out in Paris, France

Down and Out in Paris, France

I am in Paris doing dope shit. It’s the men’s portion of Paris Fashion week. So I throw on my best motocross jersey and Buscemi’s and step out into a world that talks to me like I have Alzheimer’s.

Le Tower.

I stood here for hours hoping to get pickpocketed.

The Louvre.

Shopping before culture.

Thats three color marble carving. I’d say don’t sleep but you’re not gonna get one anyway.

Jesus was a popular subject with first century artists... gets kinda preachy.

St John the Baptist, poses for portraits after he gets his head cut off.

I made this up. You will copy it.

I recognize Napoleon, but who are these other herbs? Thankfully there is a 500 year old key, ala people magazine.

I think Bobby covered this last year so I won’t repeat. But look at that wall they made just for the little painting.

Karl Hab on his home turf.

This kid is holding a tiny Bose bluetooth speaking blasting house music down the street. Times, they are a changing.

Hidden beneath the streets are secret exotic secret garages. We were invited by a friend who wished to remain anonymous. This is a brand new F12, which is probably why you didn’t recognize it.

C’est Si Bon.

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