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In our DISPOSED series, we equip contributors with a disposable camera or two and get a visual slice of life in return. Check out all of our previous DISPOSED entries HERE.

In this latest edition of DISPOSED, we passed several disposable cameras around the media team, so what you see below was shot by either Scali, Zach, Johnny, or Mac. Our editorial office is the darkest, coldest dungeon of a room at The Hundreds Homebase. Literally ice cold and cavelike because the A/C vent is messed up and Horndawg (Zach Marshall) prefers to work in the dark (he’s not human). We also suspect there’s some sort of gas leak in here like that one The Simpsons episode, because not only did a stroke of fate decide to put all of us weirdos in a room together – working here at The Hundreds, it’s ABSURD – we’re practically hallucinating at the end of a long workday, yelling, laughing uncontrollably, singing, or blasting that fucking Scatman song (Mac Sandefur). Here’s a peek behind the scenes of all the hard work that goes into what you see everyday on

Mapping out the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of The Hundreds Magazine. We’re really proud of this one. Look out for it at our flagships and authorized stockists on September 11.


Johnny “RESERVOIR TIP BEANIE” Chang mid-poo. Our other videographer. Notice how the flash looks. This is because we work in the dark. Like bats.

Zach’s been addicted to some weird ass game called Soccer Stars for the past month. Before this, he was hooked on Words with Friends. Mac has literally wrestled Zach to the floor over it like they were on an episode of Intervention.

Todd the Intern. Once he transcribed from an interview “everyone from Lauren Hyll to DJ Calli.” That’s cuz fool only listens to Frank Sinatra. Literally “D. J. CALLI.” WE THE BEST!!!!! My favorite thing to do is stare at him like I’m doing in this photo. The person writing this right now is literally Todd, because Alina made me edit it. If you read this, I implore you: Please save me.

Stoop life.

Before they all sold out.

Scali (@Scali) casually charging his spirit ball attack. 

Scali and Heavy D.

Mac’s in a constant state of terminal burrowing.

Mac’s dog Lola. Bobby’s favorite dog. She projectile shot some weird stuff out of her anal glands on his shoulder the other morning.

Working in the kitchen because our office is 55 degrees. The dark figure you see throwing up gang signs is our intern Dri. Check out Todd the Intern’s muscle tank. WE LOVE IT!

Literally 55 degrees. It’s summer and we wear jackets EVERY DAY. I heard the only reason why our A/C can’t be fixed is because Bill keeps forgetting to bring his ladder. This is the best excuse I’ve ever believed. In case you missed it, the mural you see in the back is the work of Aaron De La Cruz.

Jay Ughh (@chillestblackest) and Zach putting together a Top 5 outside of the warehouse. This is actually how close Zach gets to subjects with that phallic microphone when he shoots our Top 5. The more you know!

The OTHER Mike B aka baby bitch over in Marketing.

Scali attempting a selfie. I’m unshowered and mad about it.

Aaron Kai before the interview we did chatting with Pat. This is when our walls were bare, before he painted a HUGE mural of waves on them. Check out Bobby’s shots of what it looks like now here.

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