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Introduced in 1990, the Acura NSX is considered to many car enthusiasts as the pinnacle of Honda’s production car bloodline. The NSX is like the Ferrari of Japan, and rightfully so, since the car was actually designed by Italian car designer, Pininfarina. More than two decades old, the look of the NSX is still current with the times and it’s been one of those cars that I have loved ever since I started getting into cars. It’s pretty rare to see an NSX on the streets these days, and it’s even more rare to see one that is modified.

I spotted this NSX at our local Cars & Coffee meet a few months back and I was instantly drawn towards it. I’m more of a track/race car type of guy when it comes to modding cars, but when I saw this car slammed to the ground, it just looked awesome. I later on found the owner, Nilo Miranda, through social media and contacted him for a shoot. After a few months of re-scheduling, we finally made it happen. It turns out that Nilo is also the Co-Founder of DaYUUM, a media outlet covering a lot of SoCal’s automotive lifestyle. So it is only fitting that he owns an iconic Japanese sports car like the NSX. Some notable mods are most obviously the matte grey wrap, air suspension, carbon fiber accents, and my personal favorite are the discontinued RO_JA wheels in a custom gold finish. I think it’s easy to say that this NSX is dayuum nice. Big thanks go out to Nilo for taking the time out to make this shoot happen.

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