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Cruising with Chelsea

Cruising with Chelsea

With how fast the internet moves, sometimes I forget to appreciate how awesome it is. Sure it has a lot of downsides to it, but it definitely has some amazing plus sides. Growing up in a era pre-social media/networks and pretty much the internet for that matter, I remember how hard it could be to keep in touch with your friends. But with this amazing technology, you can stay connected without even knowing it. While in N.Y., my friend Chelsea who I had shot before in L.A. noticed I was in town. I wasn’t aware of it, but she had recently moved to the big apple. As you guessed, we both agreed it made sense to link up. I met up with her in the SoHo area and we decided to just go for a walk, grab some coffee, and catch up on life. But I saw an opportunity for some photos with her. After walking for a bit, my buddy Ivan hit me up and came up with a suggestion of burning while going for a drive on the FDR. He scooped us up, rolled on up, and on our way we went. It was fun and mellow since we weren’t stressing this as a photo shoot but rather just friends hanging out and enjoying life. Afterwards we made our way to Brooklyn to catch a rooftop view of the city while enjoying some PBR. If there is a point to this post, it’s that there is always an opportunity to shoot any type of photo, you just have to see it.


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