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Todd, our intern-turned-resident editorial assistant film geek recaps Pete Pabon’s snaps at New York Comic Con:

With comic movies being pumped out like a colonoscopy gone wrong – or gone correctly I guess – and the word nerd becoming a compliment thanks to pretty men putting on hipster glasses and pretending to be one, the geek community is bound to gain some traction. Now, it’s not the ’80s anymore so we all know nerds aren’t living in their parent’s basements – they’re running their billion dollar corporation out of a penthouse and designing tech features to improve the lives of the people that make fun of them. So in order to keep up to date on all things nerdy, they rely on Comic Con, an annual event where comic publishers, film studios, TV studios, celebrities, anime artists, manga publishers, and more set up booths to give an exclusive peek at their upcoming releases to the public.

The San Diego Convention Center and the Javitz Center in New York are transformed into battle grounds where fans get to spend a painful amount of time and money to dress up as their favorite characters – all while pretending it’s not an awesome fetish. The 42-year-old Comic Con San Diego pulled over 125,000 visitors this last July, while its newer side kick, Comic Con New York, is closing in with an uncomfortable 116,000 cosplayians running around cursing and slashing at each other. And the numbers keep rising annually, which qualifies this as a cosmic clash where only one winner can stand as the ultimate loser. Although, anyone should be proud to be called a loser when it involves between $15 and $20 million trading hands over the weekend. Sure, there’s plenty of other large numbers we could throw at you, but let’s cut the crap and get to the pictures you want to see.


Comic Con: Where you can’t tell if it’s a person or a prop.

You’d think a true nerd would know that standing next to a robot with a gun never works out.

 97% sure this one is not actually a person.

Add unnecessary animal ears to any outfit and you got yourself an anime character.

It was moments later she used the massive mallet to strike down her purple twin in front of her.

How adorable, she already wants to fight her parents. I really hope those are her parents.

Disqualified: Boba Fett is not left-handed. Almost had me beat there.

I honestly hope that person didn’t move the whole convention.

Even her phone matches – #dedication.

 The fine line between streetwear and costumes.

Disqualified: Wilfred is certainly not a Jedi.

This man is happier than you’ll ever be.

This guy is so amazing he deserves another picture.

And here it is.

I know that’s not his cape, but let’s pretend it is.

Peter Parker’s packing.

He stood like that everywhere he went. He’s the winner.

Then why even make the helmet?

Make up. On. Point.

If enough people blow at her, she’ll catch flight.

Mario was at Comic Con San Diego.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts? This kid had an amazing childhood.

Disqualified: Why would demon arms also wear a button suit shirt?

The guy on the far left in the background though.

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