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Close To A Decade With The Hundreds

Close To A Decade With The Hundreds

I first met Bobby, Ben and Scotty on Fairfax exactly nine years ago this month. Ben and Bobby had just started The Hundreds and Scotty was this lurky teenage skater kid with constantly changing hair color who they had just brought on to help with sales. Soon thereafter, I wrote a short article for TransWorld about the launch of their fledgling brand and over the last going-on-decade I’ve grown right along side them. Punk kid Scotty has morphed into my (big) little brother who allowed me to live on the front room floor of his Hollywood apartment for three years and Bobby and Ben have always supported me throughout my career in LA. In a haphazard kind of way, The Hundreds has become unexpected family and today it’s staffed and backed by more friends than ever—people like Van, Old Man, B-Mo, Coop, Patrick, Owen, Luis, Jane, Zach, Benji, Ricky and the list goes on.

As for me, I’m a lifelong skateboarder and have dedicated the last ten years of my life to journalism covering skateboarding, music, fashion, business and the arts. People fascinate me and I can’t think of a better platform than The Hundreds to share some of the unique voices and personalities I come across with the rest of the world. This site has long been a favorite culture and information destination for me and it’s a huge honor to be an official part of it starting today. Welcome to my new blog.

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