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Break Time

Break Time

Last week I was working on a video project for 3 days straight to meet a deadline. Coming from a videography background and moving  more into photography I noticed video work is very time consuming. To sit there in real time and edit play back edit play back etc. you get the picture. By day 2 I was driving myself nuts, I mean 10 plus hours sitting in a chair staring at a screen was a litte much for me so I needed to take a break and go outside to the world to see what was going in with my own eyes, not on a screen. I decided to head down to the P-Rod park in Pacoima, it has been around for 4 or 5 years now I think and is my usual spot to go to for a quick session. That day I just wanted to cruise over see what was happening and maybe shoot some flicks. So here are some pictures I got that day and it was also a reminder don’t over work yourself… remember the most important deadline in life is your happiness.

A good session was going on that day.


Snapped a picture of little man’s first ollie down the gap.

Tweaked f/s nose slide

Somethings never change….. like the excitement of a board break.


This is Louie I have seen him at this park a few times usually on his own just skating away enjoying the ride…..

….. little does he know seeing him out there reminds of what skating is all about. Thank you for that Louie and keep doing your thing.

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