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REBLOG :: Bobby's 2010 Essay "Root Down." About Legalizing Marijuana

REBLOG :: Bobby's 2010 Essay "Root Down." About Legalizing Marijuana

In honor of the favorite holiday of the fine folks in The Hundreds’ Staff, 4/20, let’s revisit a little essay Bobby Hundreds wrote in 2010 about legalizing marijuana, “Root Down.” Bobby actually doesn’t even smoke weed, but makes a better argument for the bud’s legalization than we’ve read in a while.

Click here to read it.

“Shall we consider the detriments? Historically, marijuana has been demonized for its effects and its connotations. Okay, it makes some people lazy and cartoonishly happy (and sometimes uncharactertistically funny). But the reality is no one has ever poisoned themselves with marijuana and no one has ever died as a direct result of smoking weed... ever. Meanwhile, alcohol gets a free pass as a recreational and legal right, although its’abuse has been linked to cancer, violent crime and behavior, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.. Marijuana use has not. Overall, studies show that marijuana is far less addictive than alcohol, and the long-term health effects are nil compared to that of booze.”

Bobby’s shot of Shay Maria in the “Adam Bomb” hemp fitted that accompanied the article.

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