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Bobby Hundreds Recaps "ASK WHY, LA" for Smashbox Studios

Bobby Hundreds Recaps "ASK WHY, LA" for Smashbox Studios

Smashbox Studios hosted a closing party for Everlane’s Transparent Los Angeles series, wrapping up five days of events discussing transparency in the apparel industry. Bobby Hundreds convened at the “Ask Why, LA” panel, alongside LA-based businesses Bestia (check out our video we made with the popular LA restaurant here), Reformation, and Everlane’s CEO Michael Preysman, to discuss insightful questions on sustainability and the the trials and tribulations each business owner faced during their constant push towards success.

Bobby blogged a recap to the event that you can read HERE. Read about how someone in the audience called him an “Asian Jake Gyllenhaal,” life and work in LA, and how it felt to present alongside women’s fashion juggernauts:

“…I got to speak my piece about coping with growth, how it felt to enter big-box distribution, and why you should seek to upset the industry, instead of winning its favor. Plus, I got a question about our $3 Million Ben Baller chain and afterwards, a girl called me an Asian Jake Gyllenhaal (which can be taken either way)…”

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