By Mike Blabac

February 14, 2014

For the past 20 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph professional skateboarding and the culture surrounding it. This is my first blog post for The Hundreds. It’s actually my first time blogging anything at all, so thanks Bobby for asking me to do this! I’ll be posting outtakes, photos from the road, old photos, you name it. I’m honored to have a place where I can share photos that would have otherwise gone unseen. Enjoy.

I gathered these photographs a while back for an upcoming FTC book. I never really took a close look at the slides and negatives until getting them back now that the book is complete. I feel fortunate to have moved to San Francisco in the mid-nineties and to have been a part of the skate scene there. There’s something magical about that era. Looking back, I wish I had done nothing but shoot photos of everything–but I was having too much fun skating around the city with my friends. Photos of those DMV curb sessions with Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero never happened. Thankfully, I did document a lot of skateboarding then, since I needed the rent money.

Mike Blabac