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Everybody's Invited :: Meet Toronto Producer/DJ Birthday Boy (+ Exclusive Mix)

Everybody's Invited :: Meet Toronto Producer/DJ Birthday Boy (+ Exclusive Mix)

As a kid, birthdays are usually a very big deal. The build up weeks prior, counting down the days and hours until Mother Nature’s clock inevitably ticks that it’s time. Now, imagine if you could hold onto that feeling everyday. Eoin, or Birthday Boy as he’s better known, decided to do just that—starting with his moniker. We chopped it up with the Toronto-based producer, DJ, and multi-talented musician recently to get an update on what he’s been up to. In the midst of his first tour, things are on the ups for the light-hearted artist. Like any exchange of birthday gifts, he’s also gifted readers of The Hundreds with an exclusive mix Loot 4 Leo.

Birthday Boy’s Loot 4 Leo exclusive mix.

CHIEF BOSOMPRA: Can you let the people know who you are?
BIRTHDAY BOY: My name is Eoin and I go by the name Birthday Boy. I’m a musician and DJ from Toronto.

Is everyday a celebration for you ? Why the name birthday boy ?
I wanted to choose a name that was kind of tongue-in-cheek because it’s so familiar. Kind of like I could invade people’s imaginations on some Disney shit like they already knew who I was, or had a positive association with the concept behind my name. Growing up no one could pronounce my real name so I wanted to choose something that was already in their head.

Ideal birthday cake?
Probably like ice cream sandwich cake? Do they make that? A giant ice cream sandwich maybe, yeah.

You’re a producer, so what made you begin to sing?
I’ve always sang but never really put it out. I don’t consider myself like a full-fledged singer; my voice is kinda soft. But it’s like another instrument I can use you know? Better than another synth or something because it’s a part of me and no one sounds alike. I’ve also been eager to use my words more in my music so this helps.


Toronto is getting a lot of attention lately as a musical hub. Where do you fit in this mix?
I feel like I’m part of a group of musicians—singers, rappers, producers, etc.—that exist slightly left of what’s most popular here. Drake/OVO and The Weeknd have done wonders to expose our city to the world, which has fortunately shed light on some of the talented artists that might not have gotten the same attention before. I’d like to show there’s another side to our culture; we can be jiggy, danceable, fun, bright, etc. There are so many cultures colliding here and so many different influences that shine through my own music, as well as my peers. For example, Keita Juma has a real UK influence. Our sounds can be very eclectic if you’re listening in the right places. I’ve been tryna make this kind of music before Toronto had all this focus, so it’s my mission now to be the jiggy dude in a city better known for darker music.

You have a mix for us. Can you give us some background on song selection and theme?
This mix is kind of like a beat tape. It’s called Loot 4 Leo and is an all-original compilation of my music. I’ve had a lot of ideas, beats, and songs burning a hole in my pocket for a while and I wanted to choose a unique way to present them. I used clips from RapCity and Electric Circus, two MuchMusic shows from my childhood because I feel like between those two is where I find my style right now. Between Dance and Hip-Hop, kinda nostalgic in both cases.

Plans for the summer?
I have some collaborations I’m super excited about, so those are gonna come out. More shows in more cities and definitely some more events with NUDE in Toronto, y’all know what it is. Also getting started on my first real solo project.

Advice for young producers out there ?
Just be yourself. If there’s one thing I regret it’s sounding too much like other people at times so just go into your own space and create what you want to hear. It might also be a good idea to pick up an instrument or learn a bit of theory, it always helps.


Follow Birthday Boy on Soundcloud and on Instagram @birthdayboyto. Photos by Madeline Gross / Maddee.

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