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THIS IS NOT A T-SHIRT :: Sneak Peek Audiobook Prologue Excerpt

THIS IS NOT A T-SHIRT :: Sneak Peek Audiobook Prologue Excerpt

In just three weeks, Bobby’s book This Is Not a T-Shirt will hit the shelves. We’re so excited for you all to finally get the chance to read this amazing story of success, failure, and pushing through adversity. But we know that some of you prefer to be mentored while in traffic rather than physically flipping through the pages (papercuts), and we didn’t forget about you guys. We locked Bobby in a studio for weeks to see if he’d go crazy record an audiobook version of his memoir.

Today, we have a special sneak peek for you. We’re happy to share with you the first excerpt from Bobby’s audiobook, which is actually the prologue to the book so we don’t give away any spoilers from later on in the story. Take a listen and buy the audiobook if you enjoy it and want to support.

We honestly recommend copping both the physical and audio versions. Having the hardcover book is valuable because there are so many nuggets that you’ll want to be able to go back and reference, plus in the spirit of the story itself, you’re encouraged to doodle and take notes and highlight your favorite passages to apply them to your own story. Then, the audiobook version is great because you get to hear the story straight from the legend’s mouth, including all the funny voices he uses to represent each of the other characters in his story.



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