By Rob

June 06, 2013

altaiTo say “new store alert” would be an understatement.  The ALTAI boutique is the storefront of ALTAI Studio’s interior design and furniture prototyping facility. On offer is a range of menswear, furniture, artwork and design objects reflecting ALTAI Studio’s values and practice.  

altai store
Located at 5810 W. 3rd St, in Los Angeles, More than a store, ALTAI operates as a nexus for design, ideas and culture.

field candyField Candy makes sleeping outside cool again.

altai shop
Quality is a defining characteristic of the goods offered at the ALTAI boutique.  A $50 unique artwork reflects the same thoughtfulness as the editioned object priced in the hundreds of thousands.  ALTAI aims to provide the customer with a point of entry, a fantasy, and everything in between.

Los Angeles menswear exclusives include Raf Simons, Casely-Hayford, Tim Copens, and beginning in FW 2013: CoSTUME NATIONAL and Highland.  


altai furniture  all over bird print chainmail chairChain mail chair.

altai clothing
That’s what I call a Big Year!

altai glass chair altai back packs  blown glass sling shotArtisan blown glass sling shots for the astute and naughty

custom glass beakers buscemi sling shot land speed record
Prices range from $14 to $600,000. Experience Altai at your next earliest convenience.