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George and Karla are co-owners of the Boise, Idaho-based retailer and loyal The Hundreds stockist, PrestigeStreetwear. As creatives and entrepreneurs, they, like us, subscribe to the school of thought that business is inextricably linked to the creation and circulation of art and culture. Located in the heart of the Forbes-ranked city, inside of the bustling Boise Mall, Prestige is prime real estate for shoppers, and a main attraction for fashion and Streetwear aficionados. The Boise brick-and-mortar is the second location for the savvy duo, who recently opened their sprawling 3300 Sq. ft. space in response to a growing demand for their product, and out of their own desire to be more embedded in Boise’s thriving scene. We chatted with the seasoned shop owners about their longstanding relationship with The Hundreds, why Boise is America’s best kept secret, and Prestige’s evolution from small town shop to big city business. Check out today’s one-shop-stop featuring Prestige in Boise, Idaho. Thanks to #whoisdorianhood for facilitating this interview.


Tell us a little bit about the shop’s history. How and when did it come about?

The shop’s history began when we identified a need for the particular community from where we originated, Idaho Falls. We have always been interested in the latest trends and brands, so we felt a strong desire to bring that culture to our “small town.” We started out with some popular brands relative to Idaho Falls, along with brands that had not yet been greatly exposed to our area. We opened the original store in 2006, a small shop in the Grand Teton Mall. From there, our following began to grow, and more inventory was needed to keep up with the demands of our customers. We later moved to a larger spot in the mall to establish more displays and more recognized brands. In 2011, we branched to Twin Falls, Idaho to open our second store. Most recently in 2013, the Boise store was opened to expand our business to the biggest and most culturally diverse part of the state.


Tell me a bit about your story, both personally and as the shop owner?

Karla and I were born in the 80s and both grew up in Orange County, California. It was there that we were inspired by the California culture and lifestyle, developing a passion for fashion and looking good. We did not really ever plan to open our own business selling clothing and streetwear; it’s something that just happened. I used to work for Footlocker, and consider myself a fan of the “sneaker community.” I also picked up photography a couple years ago. Both of these interests are definitely centered around the aspect of clothing and fashion, along with the lifestyle they represent.
Karla is an amazing artist, very creative, crafty, and talented with canvas and paint. She really enjoys fashion as whole and believes it’s more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Together we consider Prestige much more than just a clothing store. It’s an opportunity and a means of which to spread the culture of which we are passionate about.


Why did you choose Boise, Idaho for your second store location? What does Boise have to offer?

Boise, to us, is America’s best kept secret. It is consistently listed by Forbes Magazine as a top-rated place for activity and living. We felt like we were in a great position with our business to expand to the most populated part of Idaho, essentially as pioneers with our innovative flavor. Boise reflects diversity and is an open and evolving culture, thus we held a strong desire to be a part of such a movement. Boise offers various inclusive aspects of the community, and we feel like we fit well within the culture that is already present there.


How long have you been supporting and working with The Hundreds and vice versa?

Karla and myself are fans of, not only the brand, though the clothing is sick, but the people behind the brand. The Hundreds is inspired by LA culture and the idea of moving forward, even if it means breaking the rules a little bit. We also like the fact that The Hundreds is family oriented, as it demonstrates collaboration and the tight-knit relationship that we believe in. I’m also a fan of Bobby as an individual. He is an extraordinary photographer, a talented writer, and is admired by many in the industry. We have been fans of the brand for a few years, starting around 2006. I first heard of The Hundreds when I came across a blog written by Bobby. There isn’t really anything specific about the blog, other than the fact that it was well constructed and very elaborate. From his writing, Karla and I were inspired to follow the blog, which progressed into exploring the brand. From there, we became fans.

by Jane

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