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THE FOG ROLLS IN :: Alaskan Night Hikes Pt. 4

THE FOG ROLLS IN :: Alaskan Night Hikes Pt. 4

Lately I’ve been asking myself what the difference between a late night and an early morning is. Is it really a matter of time, or is it more dependent on the situation? I asked some folks on Instagram and the best answer I got was “warm pizza vs cold pizza” (S/O to @MasonCharles). The other night, a few homies and I ventured off on a hike in the early hours of the day, not expecting much more than to enjoy what was – to most of us – a familiar place. What we were greeted with left us far from speechless. The valley below us, Powerline Pass, was engulfed in fog and we couldn’t help but shout, we were that hyped. I don’t believe in being speechless. If you see something crazy, get hyped! Get excited, because you don’t know if that moment’s going to present itself again.

I aim to show you all a side of the world you don’t often get to see. Nature doing what it does best, aweing folks and inciting wonder. Alaska is the illest, nowhere else compares. Sorry Van and Neave, y’all work with some gorgeous women, but Mother Nature is still the baddest woman to photograph.

It wasn’t long until the fog shifted directions and swallowed us up too.

The peak of Flattop Mountain. We didn’t make it all the way to the top this time, but they say it’s about the journey, right?

Until next time, y’all.

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